Ndapwilapo Selma Shimutwikeni

Managing Director/Co-Founder of RichAfrica Consultancy.

An expert in natural resources law and policy, Selma advises leaders across the public and private sectors on inclusive business strategies, economic development and investment in oil, gas and mining sectors.

Prior to RichAfrica, Selma worked in the diamond industry in a public-private partnership Namdeb Diamond Corporation, and Howells Solicitors, a law firm in the UK. Her interests revolve around working with multiple stakeholders with a focus on problem solving in the natural resources sector. In particular, transforming natural resources into catalysts for sustainability and wealth in emerging economies.

Selma holds an LLM degree (international trade law) from Leeds University in the UK, and an LLM in Mineral Law and Policy from the Centre for Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at Dundee University. Her undergraduate qualifications include a BSc. in Business Management and Computer Information Systems from La Roche College in Pittsburg, USA.


  • Selma has been recently appointed to be the Ambassador for Women Entrepreneurship Day in Namibia, an event co-founded by the United Nations Foundation which aims to celebrate, empower and support women in business worldwide.
  • Presently, RichAfrica is contracted by the Government of Namibia to review the White Paper on Energy Policy and to draft the National Energy Policy. Selma is leading the upstream and downstream oil and gas section of the Policy.
  • in 2014, RichAfrica successfully hosted Namibia’s 2nd International Oil and Gas Conference under the theme ‘Unlocking & Optimising Our Resource Potential’.
  • In November 2015, Selma was featured in Forbes Woman Africa where she was requested to share her journey that led her to being a thought leader in the natural resources industry. Read
  • In 2015, Selma was one of the speakers at the second annual Women Entrepreneurship Day South Africa in Johannesburg hosted by the ABN Group featuring women leaders, business founders and entrepreneurs. She was given a award to recognise her entrepreneurial efforts. Read
  • In 2013, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and European Commission contracted Selma to co-draft Namibia’s Cybercrime Bill under the ‘Harmonisations of ICT Policies in Sub-Sahara Africa’ Project.
  • Rich Africa launched the Namibia International Oil and Gas Conference in 2012; an initiative that Selma conceptualized and led to fruition with the full endorsement of the Namibian government.


  • Namibia’s 2nd International Oil and Gas Conference report (2014). Read
  • Understanding the Resource Curse, The Namibian Newspaper (04 July 2014)
  • National Report: Transposition of SADC Model Law Cybercrime into Namibian Law on behalf of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) & European Commission (EC) (April 2013).
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  • Mining in SADC: How to Reconcile the Economic Empowerment Model with Investment Attraction? (CEPMLP) Dissertation with Distinction.
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  • Black Economic Empowerment Policy and Mining: The Challenges (2011) CAR.
  • The Impact of Culture on International Business Negotiations: Special Reference to China and USA (2011) CAR.

Gaspar Andre

Executive Director/Co-Founder of RichAfrica Consultancy.

He holds a LLM degree in Petroleum Law and Policy from the Centre for Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at Dundee University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Catholic University of Angola and a Diploma in Business Management and Administration from Cambridge International College in the UK.

His professional experience includes working for a UN specialized agency and for an international legal firm. Over the past seven years, he has worked for the oil and industry, having held different positions in legal and commercial Departments and having managed strategic partnership project for the manufacture of subsea products and equipment for the Angolan petroleum industry. His interest revolves around setting business development and growth strategies, energy markets research.

Forging strategic partnerships between local, regional and international businesses and institutions.