About RichAfrica Consultancy

Your guide to unlocking sustainable wealth

Established in 2011, RichAfrica Consultancy is a specialized strategic advisory firm focused on natural resources law and policy within sectors such oil, gas, mining, and energy. Operating at the nexus of business, society, and the environment, we guide companies towards sustainable wealth creation.

Our dynamic and dedicated team of strategists and experts provide holistic advisory and technical assistance, informed policy and market research, and facilitate strategic investment linkages that unlock value. Our role is to assist the clients in both the private and public sectors to maximize value.

Business leaders and investors seek our guidance to align their business strategies with sustainability as well as navigating the complex business landscape.

Policymakers consult us on public policy, legislation, institutional reform in the natural resources sector and sustainable development initiatives.

Whether it’s maximizing their investments, identifying opportunities and local partners, providing guidance on impact, or navigating policy matters, our clients trust our team and expertise to effectively fulfill their needs.

Our Vision

At the forefront of sustainable change

To become Africa’s foremost and trusted advisor in natural resources and energy, committed to the sustainable transformation of resources into shared wealth for the greater good.

Our Mission

Connecting clients and society to opportunities in the natural resources industry

We exist to:

  • Offer comprehensive expertise in natural resources.
  • Generate value for both public and private sectors.
  • Align growth strategies with ESG principles.
  • Facilitate investment links and business landscape comprehension.
  • Develop innovative strategies for growth and risk reduction.
  • Develop strategic partnerships for opportunity leverage.
  • Promote sustainable natural resource management.
  • Connect experts, leaders, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to drive positive change.

Our Values

The pillars that guide and sustain us are:


We strive to be honest, ethical and fair in everything we do.


We strive to build a relationship of trust and create long-term value for all our clients.


We strive to build a relationship of trust and create long-term value for all our clients.


We aim to be innovative, effective and efficient in crafting inspired solutions for our business partners.


We’re dedicated to creating a positive impact in Africa and fostering sustainable value for all stakeholders.